This course is a template that LKSD teachers can import into their current Moodle courses to help guide design and structure of their course.  It helps to frame a course for student accessibility at a basic level.

Four week course for creating moodle sites for the face to face classroom

This six week course introduces teachers to the tools and strategies needed to connect with students online. The course will investigate best practices in communicating with and encouraging students in an online / blended environment, as well as provide practical instruction in some of the most common course tools provided in Moodle. Participants will be provided synchronous and asynchronous experiences to encourage growth of facilitation skills. Teachers will also work with and discuss a variety of methods for creating student engagement in an online setting.

Science Writing: Introduction to the Interactive Science Notebook. This course focuses on familiarizing students with the thinking levels and writing styles they will need to successfully complete their interactive notebooks in science.

Welcome to Wolf Research Concepts!

This course was developed by the International Wolf Center to promote awareness about wolves and foster an interest in learning more about them.During this course, you will become familiar with a variety of tools that researchers use to study wolves. Wolf research enables humans to better understand wolf behavior, ecology and conservation.

An overview of the Great Lakes throughout time. As a student you will discover how the Great Lakes were formed into their present state and what current changes will shapes the future of these amazing lakes.

We will look at many factors including: ecology, industry, history, current research and more.

Brought to you by the Duluth Aquarium.

An mathematical and historical investigation into one of the most important number series in nature - suitable for ages 9 and upwards.