COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This one semester course will introduce, review or summarize the skills for successful living in a multicultural society.  Students will study their personal values, attitude and abilities to select career options; how to find and keep a job; consumer rights and responsibilities; and money management.  Successful completion of this class fulfills the Consumer Life Skills requirement for graduation.

Learner Outcomes: To meet the standard, the student will be able to:

1. Assess their values, attitude and abilities to select career options.

2. Complete all the procedures for applying for a job.

3. Successfully interview for a job.

4. Explain employee benefits.

5. Develop necessary skills to hold a job.

6. Be exposed to the U.S. Economic system and its affect on living standards.

7. Understand some consumer rights, duties, and problems and where to seek help.

8. Be exposed to budgeting, checking and savings accounts, investing, and credit.

The class will be set up as a real-life situation. Real jobs will be created in-school. Students will apply for a job that appeals to them, interview for the position and then do work that is assigned, developing the skills listed above. Students will have an electronic bank account. Money (school script) will be deposited in individual accounts; students will be able to spend their savings on various activities and  privileges. 

METHOD OF EVALUATION: Demonstrate mastery of the Learning Outcomes