• Writing Journals

    Creative Writing Journal

    The creative writing journal is a warm-up and practice for different kinds of creative writing and is kept alongside the SSR and SSW journal. Prompts are set up so that students may practice different aspects of writing: tone, characterization, forms of poetry, plot ideas, dialogue, description, etc. These journals are intended to be graded on effort. A classroom may be set up so that students share their writing with the class or in small groups.

    Sustained Silent Reading Journal

    The SSR journal should be kept alongside the creative writing journal and the SSW journal, and done 1-2 times per week. After students are given class time to read, they should comment on their reading: expressing opinions, what they do or don't like about that reading, about reading in general, how often they read, etc.

    Sustained Silent Writing Journal

    Writers, in order to write, must find time to sit quietly and write, without distractions, just as readers need time to sit quietly and read. Sustained silent writing time is 10-15 minutes of silent time for students to sit with a notebook and write. This time can be used for revision of a writing piece, starting or a continuing a story or poem, doing a character or setting sketch, or some other form of self-initiated creative writing. This should not be used as a diary or a rant about anything other than writing. This journal will be used alongside the creative writing and SSR journal.

    • Class Resources

    • Short Stories (Weeks 1-5)

    • Poetry (Weeks 6-10)

    • Drama (Weeks 11-16)

    • Portfolios, Semester 1 (Weeks 17-19)

      • Novel (Weeks 20-25)

      • Songwriting (Weeks 26-29)

      • Short Story Cycle (Weeks 30-33)

      • Creative Nonfiction (Weeks 34-36)

      • Portfolios, Semester 2 (Weeks 37-38)