• Overview

    Computer Applications I

    Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

    Welcome to Computer Applications I. All materials for this course can be found here. We will be learning some cool things about the programs in Microsoft's Office suite (especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to help prepare you for the rest of high school and college or a career after high school. 

    For this course, all of the things to do will be GREEN.

  • U1L1 - Introduction




    During the next couple of days we will discuss the Syllabus and office productivity software. For this course, we will be using Microsoft Office Suite for Mac 2016, which should be installed and available to use on all LKSD computers. If you have any questions for me during this semester, you can contact me via this Moodle page, email or Skype (I can help you set up a free Skype account if you do not already have one).

    Class Expectations

    • Arrive on time and ready for class
    • Ready for class means:
      • follow any rules set by your local teacher
      • seated and ready to participate in the VTC
      • computer on and logged in and ready to log in to Moodle and start Microsoft Office
      • assignment due that day completed and submitted electronically
      • pay attention and follow directions during class

    Log in to the Moodle Class site (LKSD Online).

    Open the Syllabus in the Introductory Section of the Moodle site.

    Check Office Version

    1. Open an Office program (Word, Excel or PowerPoint)

    2. Click on the program name in the upper left corner of your screen just to the right of the Apple.

    3. Click the first option (About Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

    4. About Word 2016 (Current Version - what you need for this course)

    5. About Word 2011 (OLD, Not what you want)


    Check LKSD Email access (login to the LKSD Google domain)

U1L2 - File Management/Intro to MS Office Suite