Fatal Falls

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace, accounting for about 1/3 of all deaths in construction jobs.  Almost all are preventable tragedies. 

Your assignment:  

1) Search the internet for a news story of a workplace fall fatality.  Read the article and consider what measure(s) could have been taken to prevent the accident. 

2) Create a reply in this forum by clicking the "add a new discussion topic" button.  Post the link to your news story in your reply by copying and pasting (Command C, Command V)the URL, then highlight and click the "link" icon, and paste your link URL so that your classmates can click the link and see the story.

3) With your link, write what you feel should have been done to prevent the accident.

4)  Read at least one of your classmates' stories in the forum.  Post a reply to their post with your thoughts on what all could have been done to prevent the accident from happening or from being as severe.

Be sure your article is about a person falling in the workplace.  Read your article.  Think of ways in which the accident could or should have been prevented.

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